These are my public coding projects I have done and posted to GitHub.

website classless-css hugo newcss HTML Python
The latest revision of my personal website built with Hugo and new.css
weather-reports peacecorps reporting weather-api Python
Generate a weather report for your Peace Corps Volunteer cohort, or any other dispersed group.
rectangles HTML CSS JavaScript
Visualize your day as 144 rectangles, where each rectangle represents 10 minutes.
obsidian-to-hugo hugo obsidian Python
Process Obsidian notes to publish them with Hugo. Supports transformation of Obsidian wiki links into Hugo shortcodes for internal linking.
website_rev_2 hugo portfolio website HTML Python JavaScript CSS
Archived personal website built using Hugo and TailwindCSS
until-its-not-fun-newsletter newsletter writing hugo HTML CSS
Open source website for our newsletter, Until It's Not Fun.
simple-website-template template website HTML CSS JavaScript
Super simple website template. Easy to modify and easy to deploy your own corner of the internet.
hugo-starting-point hugo portfolio website HTML Python CSS
Easy starting point for a Hugo website. No setting up complicated themes and easy to change and modify. Clone and go!
paperboy discord-bot nodejs JavaScript
Discord bot that integrates with the newsletter I co-author,
complibot discord-bot nodejs JavaScript Jupyter Notebook
Discord bot that compliments (and insults) users
tactile-paving-detector deep-learning object-detection computer-vision Jupyter Notebook
Detects tactile paving in images using deep learning
website-rev-1 HTML CSS
Portfolio showing various data and coding projects done by Westley Winks along with education and experience
solar-output machine-learning scikit-learn solar Jupyter Notebook
Predicting actual solar panel energy output using machine learning.
oregon-food-insecurity HTML
An analysis of food insecurity in Oregon in 2020 | WORK IN PROGRESS