These are my public coding projects I have done and posted to GitHub.

website classless-css hugo newcss HTML Python
The latest revision of my personal website built with Hugo and new.css
rectangles HTML CSS JavaScript
Visualize your day as 144 rectangles, where each rectangle represents 10 minutes.
obsidian-to-hugo hugo obsidian Python
Process Obsidian notes to publish them with Hugo. Supports transformation of Obsidian wiki links into Hugo shortcodes for internal linking.
website_rev_2 hugo portfolio website HTML Python JavaScript CSS
Archived personal website built using Hugo and TailwindCSS
until-its-not-fun-newsletter newsletter writing hugo HTML CSS
Open source website for our newsletter, Until It's Not Fun.
simple-website-template template website HTML CSS JavaScript
Super simple website template. Easy to modify and easy to deploy your own corner of the internet.
hugo-starting-point hugo portfolio website HTML Python CSS
Easy starting point for a Hugo website. No setting up complicated themes and easy to change and modify. Clone and go!
paperboy discord-bot nodejs JavaScript
Discord bot that integrates with the newsletter I co-author,
complibot discord-bot nodejs JavaScript Jupyter Notebook
Discord bot that compliments (and insults) users
tactile-paving-detector deep-learning object-detection computer-vision Jupyter Notebook
Detects tactile paving in images using deep learning
website-rev-1 HTML CSS
Portfolio showing various data and coding projects done by Westley Winks along with education and experience
solar-output machine-learning scikit-learn solar Jupyter Notebook
Predicting actual solar panel energy output using machine learning.
oregon-food-insecurity HTML
An analysis of food insecurity in Oregon in 2020 | WORK IN PROGRESS

Last Modified: 2023-07-20